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Bite Sized Local News published as it happens.

Under Covid restrictions we're not able to get out and about to bring you new articles but there's a lot you can still do.

Check out activities close to Home.

What's On

Groups & Clubs are coming to terms with complying with the Covid restrictions with many hosting online events and motivation through social media.

What's On Guide

You can also find a Sports Clubs or Social Club in our Local Guides

Local Walks

We've mapped several loop walks through the Estates with varying lengths and times.

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Offer a Helping Hand

If you've got time to spare or if you're looking for a way to offer support within your community then see if there's a local charity you can help.

Local Charities

Woodland Trail

The Athlumney Riverside Trail offers a unique unspoilt experience but you'll need wet weather shoes.

Accessed either from Kilcarn Bridge, through the fence line behind the Council office off Bothar Sion (with care) or via one of many paths from the fields of the IDA.

Please note that the IDA is private property and the Bothar Sion entry gates are locked on weekends.

Also note that fields are farmed for grass so please be respectful.


River Walk

The Ramparts Walk alongside the River Boyne offers a linear path which under new proposals will eventually link Navan with Drogheda.


Hill of Tara

Potentially within 5km reach offering stunning views over the County with a perimeter trail around the main attraction of the mounds.

Google Maps Location

Local Parks

Blackwater Park in North Navan offers an all weather circular path, lots of open spaces and it's both dog and cycle friendly.

Weekend parking recently has been a problem with the venue proving popular.


Johnstown Peoples Park doesn't have the facilities but offers a large safe open green for families to enjoy.

Please note that Dalgan Park is currently CLOSED to the public due to the need to protect their elderly residents.

Map our Trees

The Autumn leaves are gathering on the ground but from what type of trees are they falling from?

If you're going out for a walk and looking for something more to do then consider identifying the trees you pass and record them in Johnstown Tidy Towns Tree Survey.

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Invite Birds to Your Garden

One simple bird feeder can provide hours of entertainment adding vibrance, colour and activity from wild birds.

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Keep Fit

Fresh air is in plentiful supply and so too are local clubs offering a huge variety of activities. Many are finding ways to work within Covid restrictions.

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Cycle Routes

With less traffic on the road it's the perfect opportunity to see the neighbourhood on your bike BUT be sure to have lights and Hi Vis on these dark evenings.

Navan Cycling Initiative voluntary group has created a Map of all the known cycle paths within the Navan Neighbourhood.

See our Guide

Community Support

Since March volunteers have delivered over 600 food hampers to local families in need.

Please buy and then donate essential supplies to ensure this service can meet the demand over the winter months.

Get involved by contacting Johnstown Tidy Towns Community Support Group.

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Save and Slim

It's time to make some healthier changes and, conscious that cash flow is an issue, we took advice earlier this year to make a significant difference to our waistline and bank balance.

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Check out some recipes

Learn Something New

Whether it's mathematics, cookery or the environment we've amassed a few articles for you to explore.

Topic Articles

Look After Your Mental Health

Open up that conversation and on occasion you might want to be really honest and say

"No, I'm not OK".

It's OK to ask for help. to talk, to share, to off load, and you'll discover help will be there.

Discover Available Help.

Support our Local Shops

Long term living with Covid will likely mean shop opening times will vary for month's to come.

If we don't buy locally then shops will close.

View your Very Local Shops and see which now offer online or click and collect services.

Give Your Clothes a 2nd Life

The weather's turning cold and your old clothes are needed. If you're having a sort out consider gathering them up ready for donation to any worthy cause.

In Nov 2019 we spent an evening with Dublin Outreach volunteers to see where your donations go.

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Reduce Bills

Explore ways to reduce your household bills and avoid wasting energy and cash.

Topic Articles

Bite Sized Local News published as it happens.

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Our Local Guides

Discover a wide range of activities, services and things to do in our neighbourhood.

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