The Order Of Malta  
Ambulance Corps

Many of our Johnstown Residents are involved with this 'Life Saving Charity' and are in attendance at several local events.

Hell and Back (Johnstown ABC Boxing), Slane Castle Concerts, Fairyhouse & Navan Racecourses, cycling and street races.... & more.

Prize Draw Answer
1 Fairyhouse Racecourse
They will be at the forthcoming Irish Grand National which is the answer to the Fairyhouse Racecourse Prize Draw!

A quick question to our readers.

"You're walking along a very quiet road with your friend who slips and falls into an unconscious heap on the path."

"What do YOU do?"

There is only one definitely Wrong answer. If you do nothing then that person is in even greater danger and your quick response could make a difference to their life or death. 

To find out if this is the underlying reason many people get first aid training we first spoke with some of the O.M.A.C. Navan leaders Brian and Peter:

What is the Charity?

"The Order of Malta Ambulance Corps is one of the largest voluntary groups in Ireland and we:

  • Provide first-aid medical services at events,
  • Provide first aid training, 
  • We work with other community care services 
  • We are a National Youth Organisation."

It's has an unusual name?

"The origin of the title has both religious and military connections dating back to the time of the crusades with knights tasked with defending Catholics whilst assisting the sick. That was over 900 years ago with so much changing but the modern version retains some elements of the founding principles of caring for the poor and sick without prejudice."

"Founded in 1938, in Galway, The Order of Malta Ambulance Corps is now celebrating its 79th year with around 4,000 volunteer members from all walks of life. We still have ranks that have military titles such as Cadet, First Lieutenant, Corporal, Sergeant, Captain, Commandant, Commander."

Where is it based?

"We're part of the North Eastern Region, Navan Ambulance Corps and based at the Order of Malta Centre on Academy Street near the Maxol Petrol Station. There are several all over the country with Kells being the other Unit based in County Meath. "

How many form your Unit?

"We have around 30 volunteers in the Navan Unit from all walks of life and ages from 16 and up."

We spoke to some of the members at one of the Tuesday training nights:

Why did you join?

"A friend of mine introduced me to the idea and we went to an open night together. We're both interested in helping others and first aid is a life skill I felt would be a great benefit."   Aoife

"I started with OMAC Navan several years ago because I wanted to help people and it guided me to decide on a career with the National Ambulance Service."   Chris

What have you learned?

"I've been training in life-saving skills and recently I passed my First Aid Responder exam. Being able to do the right thing at the right time can make all the difference even if it's simply putting on a plaster or dealing with more serious injuries like concussion."   Aoife

"It's helped me to be the organised person in a emergency situation. If you can keep your head whilst all around you are panicking then you'll do the right thing at the right moment and possibly save a life. It's so important to remain calm and focused and in doing so I can reassure the casualty which is half the battle won."   Paul

Have you applied your skills yet?

"Yes, usually it's been a plaster on my little brother's cuts but he had a huge fall last year into a sharp corner of furniture and looking back I'm really pleased with myself for how I reacted. Before OMAC I would have not known what to do since he was very distressed,in pain and with blood flowing from his head. My training kicked in immediately and I knew what to do to help. It's a great feeling afterwards to have been useful, to have taken charge, and to have acted quickly."   Aoife

" I've been to several local events and I've yet to deal with a significant injury but we're always practicing our new skills on each other and anyone who volunteers for the occasional bandage and sling too."   Emma

Where might we see your Unit in action?

One of our Ambulances at Tattersalls, August 2016.

"We're often at the horse racing at Navan and at Tattersalls and this year I'm going to Fairyhouse for the Irish Grand National Festival but until I'm 18 I can't attend events such as the Slane Concerts."   Emma

Slane Castle Concerts

Guns 'N' Roses will be at Slane in 2017, so too will the members of O.M.A.C. Are you going to be there too?

You might have seen the demonstrations at the Navan Shopping Centre or even Malones Toyota Dealership.

Susan and Lorraine @ Navan Shopping Centre

Jenifer and Peter @ Toyota Dealership.

If you learn one thing from reading this article then it should be to remember the tune from the The British Heart Foundation clip below. You'll recognise Vinny Jones and also the tune .... it will get stuck in your head. 

Staying Alive

If you want to show your kids then this Vinny Jones Jnr may be more appealing.

Jnr Version

I'm hoping to attend the next  'Hell & Back @ Night' competition and we'll go out at locations for night time training in realistic settings like the Hill of Tara in preparation."   Aoife

"We not only attended at the Hell and Back physical challenges but we've entered teams too and hope to do the same again this year. It's great team building and should something happen we know we'll be taken great care of by the unit."   Peter

Some of the Johnstown ABC Boxing Club Members at Hell and Back 2015

"We also provide support at the Claremont Stadium for their athletics meetings and events like their 'Robbie Byrne Memorial 5k Road Race" each Dec."   Peter

Brian, Gerry and John

"You'll occasionally see our Ambulance around town and we also use them as part of our training where we sometimes have very realistic 'test' scenes within real environments like the video feature below from the Order of Malta Senior Competitions 2016."  Aoife

How can people get involved and help?

"The Government pays for only 10% and the rest we have to get through fundraising." Peter

  1. Host fundraising events, 
  2. Donate online through their website,
  3. Volunteer to help. 

Where can I find more information ?

"There's plenty of information online or come along to our Unit."   Aoife

You can make contact through:

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