Did you know that we have a local Johnstown Football Club? Until such time that we have a facility and sufficient space they will be found training most days of the week at the MDL Grounds on the other side of Navan.

We spoke to Lorraine, a long time supporter and Bailis Downs Resident, who spends most evenings at the venue with her children.

How many teams are you supporting?

"We've been involved through our 3 children for several years now with each starting soccer at the age of 5. The eldest currently plays Left Back for the Senior Team, another is a Goalie for the U16's whilst our youngest plays Right Back for the Girls U14's."

You must practically live at the pitch?

"Yes, it feels like that sometimes. From March to November, Monday to Thursday there's training and most Saturdays there's matches so we're there supporting the teams practically all week throughout the year."

How would you describe this club since there's a few teams in the Navan area?

"It's definitely focused on the kids participation and enjoyment. They really do look after each player. There's less competitiveness within the clubs management and although everyone wants to win there's encouragement to take part whatever the players ability. The players have a lot of respect for each other and the coaches too. There's a definite team spirit."

What age can they start?

"The Academy starts at age 5 where the focus is play and in a controlled environment to get them use to following instructions and listening to the coaches. There's cones to run around, hoops to jump through, bars to jump over, tunnels to crawl through as well as balls to pass but it's all geared towards fun through exercise."

"Juvenile level is 7 to under 18's and then it's onto the senior level" 

Is it a large club?

"Yes and Bailis Downs falls under their catchment area and most of the Johnstown residents make up the teams."

Why is it at the MDL Grounds?

"Plans were proposed for the Johnstown's People Park and we could be playing in the heart of our community but unless local resident objections to traffic and parking are overcome we wont have our local team play in our local area. However the MDL Grounds are fantastic and only 10 min drive away. They have several excellent all weather floodlit pitches, grass pitches, meeting hall and changing facilities."

"In June we had an event here in Johnstown last summer which was great fun and the weather was gorgeous. We had the players coaching the younger children and a full day of knock out competitions between several teams that had the park buzzing with footballs. It's something I'd like to see as an annual event."

You can read the previous article on the proposal.

Usefull Space
Johnstown Peoples Park

Do you travel far to away games?

"We've recently been to Cork for the Seniors Leinster match but usually we stay reasonably close to home for the junior games. It really depends on which league is being played and we also car pool to take turns and reduce the driving costs."

"We've been to England on tour playing matches in Manchester which was great fun."

What does it cost to play and for membership?

"Depending on the age group it's €20 for juniors, €70 for seniors and there is a family deal available. The jerseys are sponsored by O'Briens in Johnstown so we only need to buy shorts and socks for €15 and then get boots and shin pads too."

"At each training session it's €3 and the same again for matches to pay for the referee."

" We have fundraisers to get new kit and this is through sponsorship, penalty kick competitions, raffles, Bake Sales and the occasional 'bag pack'."

"We also have end of year parties organised by each team with prize giving and medals etc."

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