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Taylors of Johnstown

Much anticipated launch last November Taylors has refreshed many of us and with food served daily it is thriving .....<Read More>

Tara Barbers

Many of us are already frequent visitors ...... <Read More>

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"We're lucky to have a range of outlets within easy reach and here we'll focus on one or two each month."

(1) Taylors 2,274
Tara Barbers 996
Pets and More 2,073
(2) Fifty50 3,392
High Maintenance 1,175
Final Touch 854
(3) The Ivy 2,617
Bennett's Opticians 200
Crew Barbers
(4) Ischia 5,166
Mace 177
Day Today 87
(5) O'Briens 199
Paws a While 1,550 
Hickeys Pharmacy 
(6) Supervalu 1,768
Mario's Takeaway
An Post 
(7) Dragon Inn
(8) Boyle Sports 
Johnstown Shopping Centre

(9) Lir Chocolates 1,152
Generali Pan Europe 
Meath County Council 2,939
(10) BT Ireland 
ARIA Assistance
Timoney Research
(11) Welch Allyn
Driving Test Centre