Pedestrian Links

"Definitively No",
"What on earth were they thinking",
"No, No, No"

"Absolutely NO!"

These are some of the 'polite' representative responses we received when gauging public reaction to the proposed links that were put forward in November 2016.

You might have gone to the presentation, you might have received a flyer through the post or else you saw the information on social media. Either way most people heard enough to actually make a response.

The suggestion to link estates with lanes and alleyways met with a furious backlash from residents in all the estates affected. There's not much point suggesting access routes and shortcuts between areas if they create alley ways, blind spots, and bring anti social activities including litter and graffiti.

Groups formed and petitions were signed and the communities united in their replies. I've yet to hear one person that didn't have a distinct and definite dislike of the idea.

Luckily the Council  unanimously responded at the Navan Municipal Council Meeting Feb 23rd with a clear No to the proposals as submitted. However the council are likely to revise the proposals and represent some of them at some point in the future.

Councillors were also caught off guard by this particular consultation exercise with many rushing to the Ardboyne to view the proposals, some were unaware of the content of the schemes until contacted by concerned residents.

Although the actual consultation proposed 3 things the overwhelming reaction was not positive.
  1. Proposed Athlumney Street Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge
  2. Altering Convent Road for Cycle and Pedestrian Access Only
  3. Proposed Permeability Links in the Johnstown Area

However, as consultation exercises go, and this one went badly wrong, the outcome is that we united and responded saying that we don't want some of what was being proposed and we'll be keeping an eye out for any future proposals.

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