What is causing the awful traffic congestion in Johnstown?

At peak times between 8:30AM and 9:20AM there has on occasion been a tailback over 1.5km long through the heart of Johnstown.

Beginning southbound from the Kentstown Road junction to the shopping centre roundabout and on to the Ardboyne Bridge traffic lights vehicles are crawling before 9am.

It changes slightly after 9am when it's a traffic jam from the school leading to the roundabout and then onto the Ardboyne Bridge. It's only happening in one direction and in time we hope to obtain Ariel footage to be able to fully illustrate this but why is it happening? Where is this extra traffic coming from?

Google Traffic Map didn't seam to accurately reflect reality since the tailback captured here (as a passenger) didn't show the bumper to bumper tailback from the bridge to the school.

There should be a strong red line through the heart of Johnstown to represent the stationary traffic.

The bumper to bumper traffic is showing up from the Kentstown Road to the roundabout but it's missing where it goes to the schools.

We know that the Loretto School traffic down the Kentstown Road has always been a bottle neck of congestion at the junction to the Dublin Road. Are cars diverting through Johnstown to simply avoid this?

The signpost at the Kentstown Road junction also leads M3 Motorway traffic through Johnstown so are we the official 'bye pass' for Navan? We're a residential area with the largest population of any around Navan and sending extra traffic through here is having a negative effect.

The Future

Cars are often seen queuing to get out of residential estates on to the main roads and the disorganised school drop off is adding misery to many making the morning commute. Add the fact that more homes are being built, both St Stephens and Coláiste na Mí Schools have not reached full capacity, and we're predicting another 1,200 cars to join the morning rush hour congestion in the coming months.

What are the plans to accommodate this increased traffic...... if any?

The cycle paths and pavements are very good throughout our area and many parents chose to walk their children to school which should be encouraged. However the traffic lights at the roundabout were replaced some years ago by raised crossing points which are adding to the stop start congestion. Are they really in the best place since one crossing in use brings the entire roundabout to a standstill.

If the Council have conducted a traffic study we would be interested in seeing their findings. Either way we would like to know what master plan they have to bring about some noticeable results and the smooth flow of traffic.

Latest News

News broke recently that the land just north of our Johnstown Community and just the other side of the Kentstown Road has plans for a massive infrastructure investment over the next few years and yet more residential homes will appear. 

This is also where the Council purchased land many years ago that may well become of use to our community. 

There are also plans for a road to link over the River Boyne which has the potential to alleviate the traffic congestion within the Navan town centre at Flower Hill and at the Kentstown road Bridge. However, will this could either add to our traffic jam and make us a bye pass for Navan or it may well have the reverse affect and even out the flow of traffic? We've not see a traffic report and look forward to finding our more.

We are posing these questions to the Council and will forward their reply.

If you have a comment then email either the council or join the discussion on the Facebook Page Navan South Communities Unite.

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