Community United
Here we briefly introduce you to 5 activities that are gaining momentum and affect you as a Johnstown Resident. Each will feature as ongoing articles.

How are we Uniting?

Resident Groups

If you're area has a group of individuals who take a proactive interest in maintaining your home environment then you are in a rare and desirable position. Those with Groups should be delighted to have these volunteering residents give up their time and effort to maintain your neighbourhood for you and your family.

Having a Residents Group adds value to your home with Estate agents using it as a selling point. New residents want to know that there is a plan in place to maintain the area that will become their new home.

However, a quick survey of the areas within Johnstown revealed that only a small handful are represented and there are only a dozen online media pages connecting residents with these few groups.

Why so few and why doesn't every area have one? Are you one of these areas without one? Could you be the person to form one since they can provide more than merely organising the grass cutting.

We'll find out more about the existing groups and what services they provide to their Residents.

Organisers Network

Proactive residents from these few isolated resident groups and associations within our community are joining forces to connect with each other, share knowledge and experience.

Working together we can discover common issues affecting all residents in the hope that collectively we have some tried and tested solutions or ideas. We can also make a big difference together as a stronger, more coordinated voice since many issues are far beyond the control of Residents and Groups alone.

The Network is growing in numbers but still needs to identify more proactive residents to join our Johnstown Neighbourhood Network Facebook Group.

Key for the Google Map
  • Thumbs Up symbol - Connection and Rep Confirmed
  • Red Pin - Name provided but NO connection Confirmed.
  • Yellow Pin - We Need to find a contact..... is it you?
Please note that it is Only intended for those residents representing Groups in areas as shown on the map. Future articles will see what this group sets it's sights on and what difference they can make.

Information Board

This section is where we want to see all Residents getting involved. Navan South Communities Unite is fast becoming the 'go to' Facebook Page for all Johnstown Residents and it doesn't need much of an introduction, you simply need to join it to find out more.

If you're not willing to join Facebook then unfortunately you'll miss out on the latest up to date news, activities and developments in the neighbourhood until the next edition of this magazine brings you up to speed, albeit a few days late.

With membership of over 1,000 local residents it still has a long way to go until it represents the 3,000 Johnstown households as the central source for local information and discussion.

The Page does not replace the need to have local estate group pages but it shares common interest subjects to our newly connected community.

We have an interview with the Page administrator and founder coming up.

Safety Groups

Neighbourhood Watch is a crime prevention program designed to encourage the community to cooperate with the local Gardai in reducing opportunities for crime. The underlying principal objective is to watch over each other and become good caring neighbours.

A quick look around our neighbourhood shows very few of these official schemes are operational? Or are they? There might not be many street signposts indicating schemes are in action but there are 'curtain twitchers' everywhere!

Do you stop to look when a stranger comes down your quiet street.  Do you notice a car that lingers a while too long? Most people are inquisitive and most people care about the safety of their children, friends, relatives, neighbours get the idea and it's the 1st thing about Neighbourhood Watch and formally setting it up is quite straight forward.

What affects one area has no real boundary so it quickly and easily spreads into neighbouring estates. If more official groups formed with overlapping boundaries and connected together we would have a greater network of safety, support and awareness across all of Johnstown and not just pockets.

If you're a 'curtain twitcher' or simply want to feel safer within your neighbourhood then you need to ask your Residents Group to join the scheme.

The official website for Neighbourhood Watch provides more information.

What's Involved?
  • Neighbours getting to know each other and working together with the local Gardai to reduce opportunities for crime.
  • Reporting suspicious activities to the Gardai. 
  • Looking out for older and vulnerable members of the community. 
  • Under no circumstances does it involve any form of patrolling of formation of vigilante groups.
Remember you have nothing to lose by operating this scheme endorsed by the Garda. It adds value to your home and ultimately increases safety awareness within your neighbourhood.

Future articles will hopefully see input from our Community Garda and the Joint Policing Committee and interviews with those areas currently operating safety schemes.

One Tidy Town

The group formed at the end of 2016 and is going the extra step by attempting to bring about further changes that physically enhance all of Johnstown.

It's not simply a fortnightly litter pick group and held its first AGM in March to identify projects that involve our community in actively making a noticeable difference.

By involving all age groups from all backgrounds and abilities we can all participate in making Johnstown a vibrant community that we are proud to be part of.

Future Editions

The Johnstown Tidy Towns Competition Entry

We ask the committee about their plans for Johnstown and ask how we can be involved and help.

Navan South - Communities Unite

We talk to the Facebook Page founder to find out more about its history and where they see it helping the community unite.

Resident Associations

We ask those that have been around for quite a while to tell us more about why estates should have them and what they can achieve by uniting and engaging with Residents.

Johnstown Neighbourhood Network

Who's now connected and what have they in mind.

Neighbourhood Watch

Who's on board, what's it for and how to start up a scheme?

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