Within this 1st Months Editions we delve into topics that are highly relevant to life in Johnstown today.

All these articles are focussed on Residents within our community and if you'd like to participate in the next edition or have some feedback contact us by email. 

We advocate joining Navan South Communities Unite as the Go To Page and discussion site for Johnstown Residents.

Our Community 

Where is Johnstown?

Do you say that you live in Johnstown or use it as part of your postal address? Look it up and it might not be exactly ...... <Read More>

Community United

Our Estates are coming together in a number of different ways to the benefit of all our Residents ...... <Read More>

We need Facilities

Did we all sign the petition? What's the latest developments and will we ever have...... <Read More>

No Access

What were they thinking to propose the alley ways to connect up our estates and what did they decide? <Read More>


Where's it all coming from that it creates over a km traffic jam in rush hour?...... <Read More>

Traffic Calming

Residents are concerned that outside rush hour there's an accident waiting to happen...... <Read More>

Asking Questions

What's on the agenda at Council meetings, what's coming up in our community and what are we asking of our representatives? ...... <Read More>

Local Information

A brief listing for really useful advice and local information ...... <Read More>