Value My House
How long does it take for a dinner conversation, or a chat over a pint, for the subject to come up about house prices?

As the most expensive experience most people ever undertake buying a home is often a necessity and also a burden that no one enters into likely. 

The media reminds us that we should be constantly interested in the current market price and seams to relish in reminding us how much our homes have gained in value or what a bad time it was to buy. Of course this is if you can both find a house, qualify for a mortgage and then find money for the deposit.

A decade after the property crash and there's a recovery with more new builds here but rent prices have gone ballistic and home prices are creeping back up too.

Now what if there was a way to see who paid what and when for their house? Would you click the link to find out?

The public information site link below doesn't provide enough detail to be able to say that the homes sold are in anyway similar to the price that your home could achieve but you're still going to click on the link ...... aren't you?

Click to Value my Home.

Next month

We take a closer look at the latest homes built in Johnstown: Cois Glaisin Estate and what's for sale around Johnstown.

Also, if you're looking for rental property then we find out if its true that there is such demand for properties that queues are forming at dawn and potential tenants are bringing cash and references to the viewings.

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