Make Wine with ........ Fizz

Why does a bottle of wine cost so much? 
You'll be disappointed to know that the wine you like only really cost a few euro a bottle for the content and the rest is costs, profit and tax. If you wanted to get the same value yourself you can but you'll have to invest some time and make it yourself.

Homebrew wine kits have come a very long way since I first made them 30 years ago. For the past few years we've made wines from around the world that taste great, look like bottled wine, have easy to follow instructions and most importantly all make highly drinkable wine in 1 to 5 weeks! Working out which is Homebrew and which is from a shop in a taste test isn't easy.

The Kit

A basic equipment kit for making 30 bottle wine kits will cost around €75, 25 ltr barrel, 25 ltr demijohn, pump and steriliser powder. There’s a variety of grape juice to chose from starting from €30 for a 30 bottle kit and you'll get all the essential yeast and chemicals to complete the brew. There are smaller 6 bottle kits from €25 and juice around €20. 


You do need to have a reasonably warm location to make wine but it's not very involved other cleaning and sterilising everything at the start then mixing the initial ingredients.

The process is completely painless, there's a subtle smell of grapes and you'll hear the 'bubble' noise as it creates alcohol for a week but otherwise there's nothing to actually do. 

Adding some chemicals to stop further fermentation and clear the wine, a few more days of waiting and then bottling at the end is probably the most involved part. You can either recycle your old wine bottles, buy some with corks or cover caps or, if you’re not gifting them to others, then save a fortune and use plastic 2 ltr water bottles.

The Best Discovery!

Create your own bubbly champagne style within a further 20 minutes !
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Mum and Dad would be more likely to use it if they knew it's true potential.

And yes.... it works for most liquids so if you're into making beer that came out too flat then this is for you too. I've actually tried fizzy vodka that a well know brand sold in bottles but some things just aren't worth the effort.

Soda streams were trendy in the 90's and have a much better use than making fizzy cola. Unfortunately no-one ever told you about it. Just think of the price hike for these devices if Soda Stream ever found out it's true potential!


There is a bit of trial and error to discover the technique since wine is 'thicker' than water and needs a lot of gas. If you do try it then put loads of gas in short bursts with a minute pause between each gassing. Rushing too fast will give you a soaking when you take the bottle out since it'll erupt as champagne does! I've done it myself so be warned with an entire litre jumping out of the bottle within seconds. Once you've discovered the technique the outcome is FIZZY wine. 


Pour it very, very, very, slowly into a flip top glass bottle such as the 'Grolsh' type or there's even a 75cl soft drink in a glass bottle with these tops in SuperValu. If you keep it in the plastic Soda Stream bottle it doesn't get very cold in the fridge or ice bucket ......and it doesn't look impressive in front of guests either!

Soda Stream Prices

Shop around for a brand new device since the prices can be high for the trendy versions, the same seller usually sells refills too. Second hand devices can be much cheaper since owners don't check to see how they've actually tripled in value in the last decade. 

BIG TIP: If it's an older model and loses gas from the bottle when trying to fizz liquid then either the plastic bottle seal has perished or it is missing. Simply contact Soda Stream and they'll send you a replacement for free.

Soda Stream Gas

New gas canisters comes at a fixed price requiring an initial refundable deposit just for the actual gas bottle and a fixed price to exchange them for a refill anywhere available. They're expensive and it's not economical to make soft drinks. You'll get an amazed 'look' from every shop assistant when you tell them what you're going to make with it.

Finally, The Homebrew Supplies

There are only a few retailers around and online is very good to supply the ingredients and I've used these (and I have no connection with them).

Finally since this involves alcohol:

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