The Jones

We caught up with the band at their gig at Taylors at the end of March, we asked their lead singer Ruairi to tell us more.

Who are 'The Jones' ?

"We're a four piece cover band from Navan, I'm actually from the Johnstown area so it's great to be able to play locally."

Ruairi Clarke on Vocals and Guitar

Martin Geraghty on Bass

Karl Geraghty on Drums

Seamus Crowley on Keyboard

Where did you all meet?

"15 years ago three of us were in school together at St Patrick's Classical School in Navan. Karl's younger brother Martin joined our band a while later and we started off playing local charity and school gigs and worked our way into the pub scene around Meath."

What's you musical preference?

"We play a varied set list ranging from old school rock and roll to 80's classics and modern songs."

"We like to add our own unique twist to things too and enjoy making quirky mashups and random medleys, all in the name of having a good time."

You've been on the radio?

"In our early years we twice reached the final of the 2FM / Jacob's Song Contest"

Where will we see you play?

"These days we keep busy on the local pub circuit as well as playing weddings, Debs balls and other functions."

What's it like to play at Taylor's?

"We're here fairly regularly and we love the informality of the crowd, it's always got a good buzz and the people love good, fun music."

Inspecting the Taylors wine display before the gig

@ Taylors Dec 2016

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Prize Draw Answer

If you're entering Salina's Musical Bingo Prize Draw then Ruairi Clarke of 'The Jones' played the music to our Johnstown Times Video clips.

The full version of the acoustic set features in the Live video recording below.

It's so much easier to listen and watch than to read about music descriptions so try these clips from the past few years to get a sample of 'The Jones'.

For more info follow the group on Facebook

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