Salina's Musical Bingo

For the past few weeks a new Wednesday night event at Taylor's is attracting regular attention and getting people excited.

The advert reads 'Musical Bingo' and even we had to read it twice since its a different twist on what everyone knows and expects.

We caught up with Salina to find out more.

How many times have you been asked lately to explain this new game?

"Nearly everyday, which is good and I really don't mind. People often have that surprised look but they quickly get the idea."

How does it work?

"It's such a simple idea I'm surprised we didn't start years ago. Instead of calling out bingo numbers we play a short song and the name of the song might be on the players sheet. Just like normal Bingo players have a sheet with 25 squares and they cross off each."

Not all the songs are familiar and putting a name to the song isn't so easy either.

How did you discover this game or is it your own idea?

"I first heard it in a Dublin pub quite by chance. It sounded like a great idea and I thought I could do this and I decided to give it a go." 

Who's coming to play?

"We started in February and the crowd is growing in numbers, we tend to have between 20 and 60 people which often takes over the whole lounge area. We have a lot of new people coming each week who are adding to the regular groups which ranges from a group of young lads, a team of local mums, and couples and basically a mixed bunch of local people."

Marcus, Sean, Lorcan take a break from watching the soccer.

"This is my second time playing and it's great fun and chance to get out for a couple of pints in the week too."

On his first visit one of the lads won last week's full house..... but ...... they had to split it between 5 winners.

"It's still great to win something."

Lynne, Beth and Rachael from Athlumney Wood.

Connie, Ursula, Carol, Aisling, Angie and Joanne teaming up from Athlumney Abbey, The Priory and Kentstown for an evening of entertainment.

The atmosphere is vibrant and everyone it seams is out for a giggle and a chat. It's simply an evening for people to get of the house, socialise and have fun doing something different.

Salina in charge of the music

On the evening we visited I counted around 30 players at 9pm and most were locals coming from Athlumney Abbey, Athlumney Wood, The Priory, Johnstown Wood, ......... essentially our community coming together to have fun.

"Since we've 3 games people do tend to come at different times depending on the own schedule so it's sometimes very busy for a few games especially the last one of the night." 

The Walterstown Gaelic Ladies Team arrived after their evening match and just in time for the final game where game player numbers had now increased to around 50 people.

Walterstown Gaelic Mothers N Others Team.

Are the tunes really tricky?

"They can be but we want players to get the answers and find them on their game cards. It's not as difficult as games like trivial pursuit and people have better memories for music than facts and figures. Remembering the names to songs can be a little tricky but after the song finishes I give the answer but you so need to find it on the sheet." 

The tune of 'Rock the Boat' had several players take to the floor for a demonstration.

"The great thing about the game is that I can adjust the music to suit all generations and ages."

Peter, Debbie, Les, Ashling, Mena and Pauline from Johnstown Wood and Boyne View

What are the prizes?

"There's prizes for the first to complete a line, 4 corners and the full sheet of 25 songs. The game prizes really depends on how many players take part. At €3 per game sheet the vast majority is returned as three prizes of around €20 for a line or 4 corners, a full house could be €50 to €100 per game and there's usually 3 games each evening, The more that play the more prize funds we have."

"We also have a rolling jackpot called the "Snowball" where Taylors start the prize off at €200 euro and each week it goes up €20 until it's won. It's a bit like the lottery and at the moment it's over €300. To win the player needs to reach a full sheet within the first 29 songs. Someone is going to win it sooner or later." 

"We often have an end of night €1 entry winner takes all prize draw so there's always one very happy person."

Yvonne and Ashling from Boyne View and Athlumney Abbey

You must have quite a music collection?

"Yes, it's growing and trying to find the right mix of songs to suit the players is my challenge. I use a laptop and would be lost without it. I remember the DJ's in disco's and clubs carrying cases of vinyl records and spending time to line up the music so I'm lucky that technology has moved on."

Sandra, Patricia and Ann from Athlumney Abbey and Dublin Road

What's your own taste in music?

"I love the 80's but the games range from the 70's to 90's so I like what I play."

Betty and Linda from Kilmessan

When can we see you in action next?

"Every Wednesday evening in the lounge bar of Taylor's from 9pm. Entry is a 3 euro per game and each lasts 30mins and we have an interval between games."

"I'm going to be looking for extra venues to cover more evenings in the week and I've been approached to help fund raise by hosting charity and sponsorship events and even house parties."

"Walterstown Ladies Mothers N Others are having a Musical Bingo fund raising event 28 April at 20:3023:30
 @ their club house and everyone's invited."

Salinas Musical Bingo Facebook Page.

Together with advertising the game nights in a matter of just a few weeks Salina's page Likes and Followers has grown to over 200. She offers weekly competitions whereby if you Like, Share, and Tag a friend you can win game sheets for each Wednesday at Taylors.

Prize Draw

To enter simply tell us the Title of the background music to our Johnstown Times Video Advert which is also on Salina's Musical Bingo Facebook Page and the full live version played by The Jones Band is in their article here.

Fill in the entry form below BEFORE the clock runs out and the prize draw will take place at the last Wednesday game in April. The Winner gets a free entry sheet to play in one of her games at Taylor's in May.

Bonus Prize Draw

If the community helps Salina to double her Musical Bingo Facebook Likes to 500 not only will there be x4 prize winners but  each will receive x3 free game sheets for use in May. Get liking asap and enjoy the music.


Salina's Musical Bingo Prize Draw

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