Article Feedback

The Magazine's Purpose

Together with boosting Community Spirit and promoting everything good about Johnstown the main purpose for contributors of articles is to promote a group, club or business. 

Ideally you want to have your name on the tip of a Local Residents tongue to ultimately gain a customer, volunteer, member or recommendation.

Finding the Magazine.

Facebook will continue to be the main source of readers however they typically only read the article they are directed to. This provides limited opportunity to advertise other articles. 

By authors collaborating and only sharing the link you gain more advertising by working together. Readers will still find your article and also see each others.

Measuring Readers

A 'Reader' is one unique visit from a device whereas a 'Viewing' includes repeat visits. Typically interested Readers spend 5 min on the magazine and view 4 articles hence the magazine size has been reduced.

Individual articles achieve 7% of the edition readers who view the Main Menu and will therefore always be a low number. Higher figures are achieved by including a lure such as a Prize Draw or including many residents in the subject.

In the chart below Readers (R)Viewings (V) and Entrances (E) are included for general interest but Impressions (I) are the most important number to review. 

Why use impressions?

Article readership will always be low since it won't appeal to everyone who opens the magazine. We'd like everyone to read every article but it's not the only source of advertising.

The magazine layout includes short adverts for article via actual Article, Main Menu, 'Read Next', Group Listing Pages, Credits and Prize Draw Page.

The 'Impressions' figure is the total viewings of all possible mentions of your article. 

Therefore even an article with very low readership can still gain significant advertising through sightings of their Article Advert on other pages.

The Top 10

Although published in the magazine it's only a novelty article to re engage readers with previous edition articles.
Articles will continue to acquire new viewings as new readers discover the magazine and the back catalogue.

Magazine Audience
Minimum number of recorded Unique Readers for all editions since launch via the main entry Page on

This report runs from each individual edition launch date and automatically updates itself at midnight each day. 

There is a 2% error margin in the report due to the removal of some genuine records that appear alongside Spam traffic.

Page Sponsorship
By far the most viewed advert is the page footer currently promoting 'Navan South Communities Unite'.

Prize Draws

Those articles offering a Prize on average achieved double the typical article viewing with 138 draw entries made.

  • Impressions (I)
  • Readers (R)
  • Viewings (V)
  • Entrance via link (E)
  • GREEN indicates above average performance.