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Voluntary Work 

Local Emergency

Navan First Responders
By: Chris Oliver, Navan
Who will come to your assistance when seconds matter? I've not seen them and I've not needed them but if I did <Read More>

Working with Sight Loss

ational Council for the Blind Ireland
By: Mary, Bailis Downs
As we age most of us will expect to need glasses at some point but few could imagine losing it to the point.....<Read More>

Local Emergency

of Malta Ambulance Corps
By: Aoife, Bailis Downs
In attendance at many of our local events The Order of Malta Ambulance Corps is one of the largest voluntary groups in ...... <Read More>

Voluntary Group Listing

4 Voluntary Groups

In our Community.

1) Navan 1st Responders, 802
NCBI Retail Navan, 308
Order Of Malta Ambulance Corps, 1,056
(2) SOSAD, 11,040
The Last Hope Animal Adoption, 17,447
The Little Princess Trust, 36,729

(3) Samaritans Ireland, 2902
Irish Blood Transfusion Service, 90,207
Royal Dog Rescue, 3,292
Voluntary Work Listing