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First Edition

Thank you to all the contributors who've helped to create this first edition. We're expecting to grow significantly from this small starting point and....

'This is an open invitation to get involved'.

If you have any comments or suggestions for articles that you think would interest readers then EMAIL us.

Topics This Month
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 Free Prize Draws

6 Free Prize Draws to enter

What's being offered? Be quick, time is running out .....<Read More>

Community News

Where is Johnstown?

I thought I lived in Johnstown but look it up and it might not be exactly where you think...... <Read More>

Community United

Our Estates are coming together in a number of different ways to the benefit of all our Residents ...... <Read More>

We need Facilities

Did we all sign the petition? What's the latest developments and will we ever have...... <Read More>

No Access

What were they thinking to propose the alley ways to connect up our estates and what did they decide? <Read More>


Where's it all coming from that it creates over a km traffic jam in rush hour?...... <Read More>

Traffic Calming

Residents are concerned that outside rush hour there's an accident waiting to happen...... <Read More>

Asking Questions

What's on the agenda at Council meetings and what are we asking of our representatives? ...... <Read More>

Local Information

New to the area or simply looking for really useful advice...... <Read More>
Local Business'

Taylors of Johnstown

Taylors has refreshed many of us and now with food served daily it is thriving .....<Read More>

Tara Barbers

Many of us are already frequent visitors ...... <Read More>

Local Business Listing

Shop Locally
What's nearby.
Residents Business'

Bounce Castles & Combos for Hire

1 Bounce Mania
Seeing the kid’s happy faces, their cheers and laughter when the castles are inflated is amazing.".... <Read More>

Residents Business' Listing


Small Business'
Supporting our Residents.

Voluntary Work

Order of Malta Ambulance Corps

Members attend many events and it's one of the largest voluntary groups in Ireland ...... 
<Read More>

Voluntary Group Listing

4 Voluntary Groups

In our Community.

Sports & Fitness

Johnstown ABC Boxing

One of Ireland's biggest boxing clubs, Johnstown ABC, who recently nearly went out of existence. "We are not just a boxing club were a family who care." ....<Read More>

Walterstown Gaelic

A newly formed group of energetic and enthusiastic ladies has formed at Walterstown GAA .....<Read More>

Local Club Listing

Get active
In our Community.

Hobbies & Interests

Hot Air Ballooning

What would it be like to be able to see all around, outside in the wide open space? An opportunity of a lifetime...... <Read More>

Make your Own Wine

It's now easier than ever to make your own wine, but nobody ever tells you about the best use for a Soda Stream.....<Read More>
Live Here

Value my House

If you're curious to find out what our homes are worth then here you can find out ...... <Read More>

Green Green Grass of Home

Ireland is naturally green and with the amount of rainfall we receive it's lush green for good reason but is your...... <Read More>

Another Brick in the Wall

Many of us are now finding that the bricks are coming loose on the driveway and garden wall .....<Read More>

Tradesmen and Services


Who to Ask?
Who do you go to for help

"Race of The People"

And They're Off !
Here's your chance to experience being at the races but you have to be very quick to enter ....<Read More>

Live Music

As a nation we've got music in our blood so with a local venue we caught up with one of our local bands...... <Read More>

Bingo with a Twist

Who would have thought that Wednesday nights could be so much fun...... <Read More>

Family Days Out Listing

4 Voluntary Groups

Where to Go?
Things to see in our Community.
What's On

Diary Dates

Here's a glimpse of what's happening this month and what's lined up for future editions.  ...... <Read More>
The End Bit


Many residents participated in bringing out this 1st edition, perhaps you could help with the next one ...... <Read More>