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Our Community 

Where is Johnstown?

Do you put Johnstown as your postal address? Look it up on Google Maps and it might not be exactly ...... <Read More>

Residents Association

If your Estate has a group of Residents volunteering to look after your facilities then lend a hand since ...... <Read More>

In Focus

What have we been up to this month, what was good, what got our backs up, and what do we know ...... <Read More>

Johnstown Tidy Towns

There's been a dramatic difference already just simply by collecting what others have thrown ...... <Read More>

Community Safety

We're lucky that less happens compared to elsewhere. We need to feel protected and when we need help ...... <Read More>

Council News

What's on the agenda at meetings, what's coming up and what are we asking of our representatives ...... <Read More>

Local Information

A brief listing for really useful advice and local information ...... <Read More>

Live Here

Value my House

If you're curious to find out what our homes are worth then here you can find out ...... <Read More>

Estate Agents

Here we feature one Agent a month to give you some guidance on who's available to help you ...... <Read More>

Buy, Sell, Rent, Share

Currently on the market this month in our local area ...... <Read More>

Local Venue

Opportunity to see what's locally available in detail ...... <Read More>

Visit Overnight

Whether you've visitors coming or need to escape for a night here you'll discover our nearest venues ...... <Read More>

Readers Prize Draw

Each Month there is an opportunity to enter the month end Prize Draw.....<Read More>

Readers Special Offers

Some of our articles contain special deals or even prizes so what are you waiting for ...... <Read More>

Estate Competitions

With cash prizes to be won there's every reason to enter ...... <Read More>

Taylors of Johnstown

Much anticipated launch last November Taylors has refreshed many of us and with food served daily it is thriving .....<Read More>

Tara Barbers

Many of us are already frequent visitors ...... <Read More>

Pets and More

Hosting a wide variety of pets, providing a wealth of knowledge and able to cater to their needs  ...... <Read More>

Local Business Listing

Shop Locally

Shop Locally
What's nearby.

Bounce Castles & Combos for Hire

Bounce Mania
By: Willie Coffey, Bailis Downs
1 Bounce Mania
"Seeing the kid’s happy faces, their cheers and laughter when the castles are inflated is amazing. I couldn’t have found a happier business to be involved in and to meet happy parents".... <Read More>

All things creative

Navan Craft Market
By: Many Mink, Bailis Downs
Meeting monthly in Navan the crafters showcase a wealth of talents.... <Read More>

Cleaning Outside

By: Darren, Athlumney Abbey
Outdoor cleaning specialist.... <Read More>

Residents Business' Listing

Shop Locally

Resident Business'
In our Community.

Local Emergency

Navan First Responders
By: Chris Oliver, Navan
Who will come to your assistance when seconds matter? I've not seen them and I've not needed them but if I did <Read More>

Working with Sight Loss

ational Council for the Blind Ireland
By: Mary, Bailis Downs
As we age most of us will expect to need glasses at some point but few could imagine losing it to the point.....<Read More>

Local Emergency

of Malta Ambulance Corps
By: Aoife, Bailis Downs
In attendance at many of our local events The Order of Malta Ambulance Corps is one of the largest voluntary groups in ...... <Read More>

Voluntary Group Listing

4 Voluntary Groups

In our Community.


Navan Rugby Club
By: Robin, Bailis Downs
Introduction <Read More>

Walterstown GAA

Walterstown GAA
By: Darren, Bailis Downs

DESCRIPTION.....<Read More>


Johnstown Football Club
By: Lorraine, Bailis Downs
DESCRIPTION ...... <Read More>

Local Club Listing

Get active
In our Community.

Hobbies & Interests 

Hot Air Ballooning

Irish Balloon Flights
By: Mairead & Declan, Bailis Downs
What would it be like to be able to see all around, outside in the wide open space? An opportunity of a lifetime...... <Read More>

Make your Own Wine

Homebrew Wine
By: Robin, Bailis Downs

It's now easier than ever to make your own wine, but nobody ever tells you about the best use for a Soda Stream.....<Read More>

Small Bikes Loads of Style

By: Brian, Bailis Downs
DESCRIPTION ...... <Read More>
Home Improvements 

Green Green Grass of Home

The Grass Cutter
By: The Grass Man, Bailis Downs
Ireland is naturally green and with the amount of rainfall we receive it's lush green for good reason but is your...... <Read More>

Another Brick in the Wall

Bob The Builder
By: Robin, Bailis Downs
Many of us are now finding that the bricks are coming loose on the brick pillar of the driveway and garden wall .....<Read More>

Car Space

Parking Options
By: Robin, Bailis Downs
For Most of our driveways only really accommodate one parking space, two might fit if we cross ...... <Read More>

Tradesmen and Services


Who do you go to for help


Horse Racing @ Fairyhouse
Diamond Cinema
The Zone
Balrath Woods
Venue Listing

The End Bit

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