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Green Green Grass of Home

The Grass Cutter
By: The Grass Man, Bailis Downs
Ireland is naturally green and with the amount of rainfall we receive it's lush green for good reason but is your...... <Read More>

Another Brick in the Wall

Bob The Builder
By: Robin, Bailis Downs
Many of us are now finding that the bricks are coming loose on the brick pillar of the driveway and garden wall .....<Read More>

Car Space

Parking Options
By: Robin, Bailis Downs
For Most of our driveways only really accommodate one parking space, two might fit if we cross ...... <Read More>

Tradesmen and Services


Who to Ask?
Who do you go to for help

Wall Repairs
Lawn Care

(2) Kitchen Makeover
Loft Conversions
Fence Repairs
? Side Covering

(3) Kerb Appeal
External Insulation
? Fire Places
House Extensions

Condensation & Mould